Protecting Children and uniting Families Across Borders


FC Marylebone (FCM) is delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with CFAB (Children and Families Across Borders), a charitable organisation which protects vulnerable children separated from their families across international borders.  The partnership aims to increase awareness and funding of CFAB, while allowing FC Marylebone to invest in nutritional advice, sports psychology and the development of coaches, which will benefit our young FCM players on and off the pitch.


CFAB, through their funding will create opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to be part of FC Marylebone. CFAB will be working closely with FCM to encourage young refugees to take part in this programme to ensure they can develop important life skills, settle into their new community, and create a sense of belonging, unity and ownership, all values that FCM shares.


FC Marylebone has worked hard for the last two years to ensure a safe and fun environment for children from all backgrounds where they can thrive, and we look forward to working with CFAB to make this a reality for even more young people.

About CFAB


CFAB is the only UK charity with an international children’s social work team and the only UK member of the International Social Service (ISS) network.  CFAB identifys and protects the most vulnerable children who have been separated from their families in complex and often dangerous situations due to conflict, trafficking, migration, family breakdown or asylum-related issues. 


Working with partners in 130 countries, CFAB are experts in social work in an international context,cross-border child protection cases, care proceedings requiring cross-border cooperation and overseas placements.  Find out more Home