FCM Philosophy


"Football For All" 

Our philosophy emphasises the importance of ensuring that every player in FC Marylebone is progressing as much as possible as an individual while being in a team.

Understanding our player, we will work on building on confidence which is important for decision making. We believe that by challanging our palyers through intense conditioning training and courdinating with it with the technical side of the game is fondamental.  Ball mastering together with other aspets like agility, balance and coordination are very important not only in football, but also in every child’s early life.  Therefore, we structure the sessions in conjunction with ball manipulation drills (skills on the ball).  In the ball manipulation practices, our coaches are working on developing certain skills (based on the Topic and aims of the session) and player’s ability on the ball.  Alongside those aspects, we always aim to include the Cognitive Reaction elements in our sessions.

We believe that quicker reactions lead to the quicker Decision Making. 

Well-developed Reactions and Decision Making are extremely important during the football match, but are also very useful for everyday life. We are aiming to improve these skills by using the coloured cones and reaction based practices in our training sessions and always having the elements of Decision Making.



Therefore, while working on individual development we always try to teach the importance of teamwork, sacrifice and responsibility hence our Mission Statement below..

“With passion, commitment, discipline and determination everything is achievable”.




If you need to report a safeguarding concern, contact our Club’s Welfare Officer Melina Lins at  melina.lins@fcmarylebone.com 

or call on 07594 038826.