"Football For All"

FC Marylebone ethos, so no one is excluded form being involved with football - has become the Club's policy to help children coming from disadvantage families and kids with special needs to be part of a healthy and safe enviroment.


We believe Football is the sport that unites all ages, backgrounds and health difficulties, bringing our communities together with no diferentiation and being inclusive.

This is what we at FC Marylebone stand for.  Making football the sport that keeps comunity safe, bring them together by creating opportunities for all!


We aim to offer to as many kids as possible, who want to play football, the opportunity of being able to enjoy, learn being in a team, create the sense of belonging, unity and ownership. 


With FCM funding, the help from our partners like giants Adidas, our community members, and charitable organisation funds like CFAB, we are proud to have been able to offer affordable membership fees and scholarship to children age 5 -11 year olds, boys and girls, no matter the background and creating more playing spaces and be active. 


Year 20/21 we offered 2 places for free and 20 discounted places to local boys and girls coming from disadvantage families 

Year 21/22 we offered 5 places for free and 25 discounted to local boys and girls coming from disadvantage families 

Year 22/23 we offered 8 free spaces 32 discounted places and 10 places were created for kids with special needs

Fot year 23/24 we aim to do the same as previous year, offering scolarship the children coming from families with financial dificulties and creating more spaces for children with special needs.


Please get in touch info@fcmarylebone.com our team will be able to help.

Terms and Conditions Apply.


FC Marylebone has also become a platform for young adults (who don't have a job) to come and be part of FCM Senior team with no financial commitment.  Alongside this, FCM offers oportunities for free training and courses for young adults and teenagers to help them move up the ladder of becoming qualified coaches.


Are you passionate about coaching and working with young children - Contact us info@fcmarylebone.com and find out more how you can get started!


Along side trying to get active and engaged with football, FC marylebone in partnership with CFAB are working closely to help local community, families and young adults through our..


Nutrition Program 

Coaching Developement Program


We are delighted that we will be collaborating with CFAB (Children and Families Across Borders), a charitable organisation which protects vulnerable children separated from their families across international borders.  The partnership aims to increase awareness and funding of CFAB, while allowing FC Marylebone to invest in nutritional advice, sports psychology and the development of coaches, which will benefit our young FCM players on and off the pitch.


If you need our support or you want to join in and want to support and us with our projects to make football equal and accessible for everyone, please get in touch! 






If you need to report a safeguarding concern, contact our Club’s Welfare Officer Bernice Hope at either

 bernice.hope@fcmarylebone.com  or call 07557 978678



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