Terms and Conditions


Registration with FC Marylebone 

  • All players (boys & girls), when expressing the interest joining FC Marylebone (academy or team) will be invited in one of FCM training sessions.  The trial training session will help parents/players to make a decision whether to join the Club or not and will be for free.
  • Once the player has decided to join the club, will register on line through FC Marylebone website completing the registration form and pay the fee chosen (refer to packages available to join Academy and the teams)
  • When joining the FCM the registration fees should be payed on the registration day.
  • When joining the FC Marylebone Teams the fees can be processed as one off payment or in 2 instalments (agreed with the club representative) for annual membership.  
  • Monthly subscription fees are to be payed payed over 10 months at same value shown on the package chosen when registering.  Monthly fees must be procesed in full regardles the Chrismas and Esater breaks.
  • In the event that a player leaves the club either voluntarily or involuntarily, all outstanding fees owed to the club must be paid in full before the player leaves the club.  A player must provide a minimum of one month’s notice.



  • When joining the Club for the first time, where the uniforms will be a “Welcome to the Club” gift for the player, the cost of the kit on the rolling years will be directly attributable to players’ families.
  • All players must wear the FC Marylebone training uniform in all training sessions. 
  • Teams & Academy U3-U13 – red uniform with FC Marylebone logo + black & white Tracksuit top.



Code of Conduct / Disciplinary Action

  • Each parent/guardian and player must abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct and must have signed the applicable Code of Conduct on registration with the Club. 
  • Each player must abide by the Code of Conduct of Young Players which they received on registering with the club.  Should a player not follow a coach's instructions continually in either a training session or a game, they will receive a Yellow Card.  If the same player is to get Yellow Carded the following session, they will immediately be told they cannot attend the next competition or match.  We do not expect any of our players to be Yellow Carded, but this rule is in place for a reason.
  • Our club may hand out a Red Card to a player for serious behaviour including swearing, hitting out, racial comments etc.  If a Red Card is handed to a player, this player will be suspended for the next tournament or two matches.  We will also speak with the parents, should a player receive a Red Card.



  • The Coaches reserve the right to determine which team each player will play in.  
  • Our teams (U7 – U13) will be registered to play within the leagues.  
  • Each player must be committed to attend the training sessions they have paid for, but as a minimum they must attend one training session a week to be entitled to play in the league games.
  • Once a player is registered for the season, the Club’s preference is that the player remains as a member of the team until the end of the season.  Not only is it disruptive for the team, the coach must re-organise the team to ensure they are not disadvantaged and still able to maintain their team performance.



  • Training sessions are held based on the Fee option which you have chosen, unless otherwise advised by the Club.  All training is to be attended by each player unless the Coach has been advised in advance that they are unable to attend due to sickness or other important commitment.
  • Parents/carers/family members are not allowed to be inside the training ground (pitch) when the training session is in progress.


Membership Cancellation

  • Membership will be cancalled with imediate affect if a serious or repetitive breach of Parent/Players FA Code of Cunduct and Anti-Bullying has taken place - Please refer to FC MARYLEBONE Policies
  • Should a member/player wish to cancel membership with the Club, this must be communicated immediately to the Coach, or if the Coach is not available to the Club Secretary.
  • All verbal cancellations must also be provided in writing by email to melina.lins@fcmarylebone.com.  Any outstanding fees must be paid to the Club prior to the player leaving the Club.


Registering for Football Camp with FC Marylebone

  • After you apply to book a place on a course you will automatically receive an e-mail booking confirmation which is acknowledgement that we have received your booking. This does not mean you’re guaranteed a place. Your booking is not secure until the full fee is paid. A contract between us is formed as soon as the full payment for the camp is processed.
  • All applications are subject to acceptance by us. Our website sets out further details on any specific requirements we might have for each football camp and acceptance is subject to compliance with those specific requirements.
  • If you do not receive a booing confirmation 24 hours after you’ve made the booking, please call on 07883304381 to confirm whether your application has been accepted.
  • By applying to book a place on our football camps you confirm that:

(a) you are legally capable of entering binding contracts;

(b) you are at least 18 years old;

(c) your application is in a private capacity for an individual/or sibling participant/s with whom you have a personal relationship and you are not applying for places on camp which you intend to resell in the camp of a trade or business.


  • The price of football camp and any additional fees we charge will be as stated on our website, unless there is an obvious error. These prices and additional fees may change at any time, but any change will not affect any application for which you have already received a booking confirmation e-mail. You are responsible for arranging and paying for the participant’s return travel to the camp venue.
  • All registrations must be with a view to providing full payment of the appropriate football camp fee.


Football Camp Uniform

  • For  football camps run with our partner AC Milan Acadamy uniforms are madatory.  Uniforms can be purchased or be part of the package.  Details will be stated on our website. 


Cancellation of the football camp and refunds

  • To cancel an accepted booking, you must inform us in writing/by email.
  • You may cancel your booking without any charge up until 14 days before the football camp starting date.
  • After this time, the following refunds are applicable: 7 days prior to a camp – 50% refund.  No refund for cancellations less than 7 days prior to a camp.
  • Please note that a booking can be transferred to another eligible person without charge, provided sufficient notification is given 1 week before the camp starting date.
  • All our football camps are subject to change according to weather, venue availability, a satisfactory number of participants, and other factors beyond our control such as COVID restrictions.  As such, we may cancel or change any football camps, should this be necessary for these reasons. If we do have to cancel a football camp we will offer an alternative football camp (if available and suitable) or a full refund.
  • You are responsible for arranging and paying for suitable insurance to cover any injury or illness to the participant as, unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund under these circumstances.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, no refund is permitted for participant’s failure to attend the football camp..
  • In all cases where we make any refund we will process the refund as soon as possible and always within 30 days of notice of cancellation.  We will usually issue a refund using the same method you used to pay.



  • All coaches are First Aiders and will always have a First Aid kit.  Should a player require medical attention, the coach will initially try to contact each parent and/or alternative contact listed prior to seeking other medical attention for the player



  • The club holds the relevant Public Liability insurance required.



  • The Club will not divulge or provide any external third party with any details provided by the parents who register with the Club.  Any details provided to the club are held with confidence and only seen by the partners of the club.


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