GDPR POLICY of FC Marylebone. 
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Type of Data held
The data held by FC Marylebvone is for parents and players and includes: parents’ name, address, email address, contact numbers; emergency names and contact numbers; and childrens’ name, address, Date of Birth and photographs.

Who has access to client data
The Chairman, Treasurer and Welfare Officer of the Club as well as the Club Secretary have access to all of the data provided to the Club by the parents.  The Head Coaches of each age group will also have access to the child’s name and the parent contact details in case of an emergency whilst running a session.

In addition, each parent if they have provided consent will have their details a the relevant WhatsApp group for ease of sharing fixtures and club / team information.  This data is also visible to other parents within the team.

Third parties on which we have a contractual duty to share the players’ Date of Birth, photo and parents’ contact number are the Leagues for registration purposes and Fulltime FA which allows us to show starter players, goal scorers etc.  The other apps which are used are Teamer and WhatsApp.  All third parties have been checked to ensure they are GDPR compliant by Brikena Shpuza.

How data is processed
A new registration is processed via the FC Marylebone website.  This registration is received by email to  On receipt of this registration, the details are added to our accounting package to enable an invoice to be processed for the registration fee and a form to be sent to each parent by email for them to confirm they have set up their monthly standing order. 

On receipt of the registration payment and confirmation of the setup of the standing order, the players’ name is added to the relevant registration spreadsheet for each league and a headshot photograph is taken of the player.  The registration document received from the parent along with the photograph will be added to a password protected folder which is allocated per team.

A completed spreadsheet and photos of each player is forwarded to the relevant league for the team/s by email.

All emails are held via Gmail and held on password protected computers.

All new parent information, if consent has been provided, will be added to Teamer and to WhatsApp groups.

How Data is stored
Data is stored securely on business laptops which have a secure password, only known by the Club Chairman and Club Secretary separately.  On receipt of registration paperwork, all documentation is placed in a password protected folder.

Data will only be held as current for the current football season.  After one season, the paperwork is archived in a password protected folder and then after one year it is deleted.  The only information which remains held by FC Marylebone after the 2 year period is any financial records which need to be kept, which will be kept for a period of 7 years.


We only send parents informational emails which outline upcoming games / tournaments / club information etc.  Parents are welcome to unsubscribe should they not wish to receive this information.


Subject Access Request
Client can request access to data held by FC Marylebone, which will be provided within the designate one month period either by email or post.


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